A Perspective on Transdisciplinary Praxis

Cynthia Blanchette, Laura Beloff

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There here have been decades of debates, especially in academia, about the benefits and successes of disciplinary vs. non-disciplinary or transdisciplinary education and research1. Psychologist Jean Piaget, who is considered to have coined the term transdisciplinary, was envisioning a space of knowledge beyond the disciplines 2 3. This kind of space allotted to work with/in multiple disciplines should be seen as vital in a time when one can see categories and intersections closing in on themselves. When professionals no longer understand the other, communicate with the other or see the value in the other, we are on the verge of a great loss.
This article investigates what transdisciplinarity means within artistic praxis.

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TilaJulkaistu - 16 helmik. 2022
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