A Cutting-edge higher education of geoinformatics in Aalto University, Finland

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The Aalto University School of Engineering, Finland, hosts the Master’s Programme in Geoinformatics. This relatively new two-year curriculum is research-based and provides courses in geoinformation technology, geodesy, photogrammetry, laser scanning, and remote sensing. Since all teaching and teaching materials are in English, the programme is well suited for international students. We aim to help our students grow into skilled academic professionals in geoinformatics. Part of our success formula is to continuously develop our courses in order to provide top quality academic education. Aalto University also participates in the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering Space Track, which has a focus area of Mapping and Navigation. Enrollees study one year at Aalto University, and another year at the Technical University of Denmark. This curriculum confers a double degree, and the courses in Aalto University are largely the same as in the Master’s Programme in Geoinformatics. We gladly welcome talented students to the Master’s Programme in Geoinformatics as well as to the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering.


JulkaisuMicro Macro & Mezzo Geo Information
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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