A Bite - Media production

Mika Lumi Tuomola

Tutkimustuotos: Taiteellinen julkaisu ja ICT-julkaisuArtefactArt in coproduction


The short film “A Bite”, a production by Crucible Studio at Aalto University’s Media Lab, was selected to be screened at the Asolo International Art Festival (A.I.A.F.). The festival was organized in Foresto, Italy, from 27th August to 5th September 2010. “A Bite” was one of the 74 selected works from among 606 entries. The film is a collaboration between Virva E Auvinen, Maija Hirvonen, Katri Lassila and Heli Sorjonen. It was produced as part of the Turing Impact High Definition professional training workshop, organized at Media Lab and Media Centre Lume in Spring 2009. This workshop investigated associational storytelling structures for scripting, shooting and editing documentary/fiction on the impact of Alan Turing and the digital computer on contemporary culture.. The project was supported by SALERO, and Integrated Project (2006-2009) for the research and development of cross-media productions, co-funded by the European Union through the IST programme under FP6. http://crucible.mlog.taik.fi/2010/08/18/a-bite-at-asolo-international-art-festival/
TilaJulkaistu - 2010
OKM-julkaisutyyppiF2 Julkaistut taideteosten osatoteutukset

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