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In manufacturing environments, human workers interact with increasingly autonomous machinery. To ensure workspace safety and production efficiency during human-robot (HR) cooperation (HRC), continuous and accurate tracking and perception of workers' activities is the key. Examples are reactive collision-prevention, active recognition of workers' intention, as well as accurate tracking of human-robot interactions. The project moves forward the state-of-the-art in advanced sensing and perception for next generation manufacturing workspace. We explore passive radio sensing to track, recognize and analyse HRC without requiring workers to wear devices, and without the need for privacy-intrusive video, while ensuring workers' safety and privacy. RadioSense leverages real-time collection and processing of heterogeneous radio signal streams (e.g., 4G/5G and WiFi connections) and multiple Channel State Information (CSI) between different links/antennas.
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  • Receiver-side beamforming to isolate channel perturbations from a human target in a device-free setting

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