Superior infrared sensors

  • Savin, Hele (Vastuullinen tutkija)
  • Pasanen, Toni (Projektin jäsen)

Projektin yksityiskohdat


The project develops new type of infrared sensors with superior sensitivity. The project utilizes material knowhow and expertise present at Aalto University related to so-called black silicon that is proven to have superior optical and electrical properties. Black silicon is, however, not applicable material for detecting infrared radiation. Thereby, the project will develop high quality (and black) material structures to Ge-substrates that are known to absorb well also IR radiation. The developed structures will be then applied directly to devices with the help of the industrial partner (ElFys Inc.) who has relevant knowhow, facilities as well as knowledge for the device requirements. The studied applications include medical tools, optical communication as well as security applications.
Todellinen alku/loppupvm29/01/202128/01/2023



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