Secure Connectivity of Future Cyber-Physical Systems

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SecureCONNECT will solve the Industrial Internet challenges by achieving following objectives: Assessment of Security strengths and weaknesses in current cyber-physical communication systems and derivation of potential points for improvement especially by using SDN and NFV concepts Identification of possible security attacks future cyber-physical networks and how they can be detected and prevented. Specify achievable and relevant scenarios and use-cases for coexistence, cooperation and integration of SDN and NFV based techniques and cloud-service based solutions within cyber-physical systems, for network security. Research on economically viable security techniques and protocols for cyber-physical networks and Customization of identified security techniques and protocols to use in future cyber-physical networks. Design Secure and scalable communication architecture for future cyber-physical networks based on emerging SDN and NFV technologies
LyhytotsikkoSecure Connect/Aura
Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/09/201630/08/2020



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