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In this project a controlled and targeted drug delivery method is designed. The method is based on lipid vesicles, liposomes, which contain metal nanoparticles in their walls. Upon shining light on liposomes, nanoparticles are heated up, causing fluidization of the lipid wall and a consequent drug release from liposomes. Liposomes can be decorated with special targeting molecules, with which it is able to attach selectively on desired targets, such as cancer cells. Studied topics are: 1) heat absorption into metal nanoparticles; 2) heat dissipation into lipid matrix; 3) targeting of liposomes; 4) testing the method with cell cultures and bioassays; 5) in vivo imaging of liposomes in mice. Work contains both experiments and molecular dynamics (MD)modeling. Work is done in collaboration between Aalto University and University if Helsinki (UH). In Aalto, items 1) and 2) above are studied; at UH items 3)-5) are carried out.
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