Glued laminated timber - 2nd generation GLT 2.0

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The construction industry with building related activities is responsible for a significant share of the environmental emissions. With the development of innovative products that allow exploiting the full potential of the renewable resource timber, the efficiency and competitiveness of timber structures can significantly be improved. The increased use of timber as building material allows storing CO2 in buildings for long time.
In this project, we will develop glued laminated timber (GLT) beams with more reliable material properties, by tracking the information from the grading process throughout the GLT production. The output of the project is an innovative scientific approach allowing the industrial fabrication of GLT beams with well-known mechanical properties (GLT 2.0). The fabrication of GLT 2.0 will lead to a significant improvement in the reliability of GLT and allow exploiting the full potential of GLT in the building and construction sector.
LyhytotsikkoGlued laminated timber/Fink
AkronyymiGlued laminated timber
Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/09/202031/08/2024