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FinH2 project will significantly improve Finland’s know-how and competitiveness in electrolysis and hydrogen technology and create a networked R&D platform. Hydrogen business is increasing rapidly in EU and globally, and Finnish companies are figuring out their roles in this market. These companies need to build new competences to develop their product and service portfolios to enter the global market with competitive and value creating offering. FinH2 will support these companies by providing critical up-to-date knowledge and experience from whole hydrogen value chain, from materials and components to system integration and hydrogen utilization. New skilled people will be educated to this field. Also common research and demonstration needs will be identified and suitable EU-funding opportunities will be applied. Altogether, FinH2 is an important step towards Finnish hydrogen ecosystem and will enable companies to start and accelerate their hydrogen business.

In FinH2, PEM and alkaline electrolysis technology will be research and optimized in terms of cost and efficiency and especially for sector coupling, i.e. integrating hydrogen production with heat, oxygen, and grid support markets. This will increase revenue and make electrolyzer plant more profitable and accelerate market penetration. Electrolyzer technology will be designed, optimized, and manufactured by utilizing components and services from participating companies. The developed system will be characterized first in the laboratory and then moved to HELEN’s industrial site for final demonstration. Safety regulations, codes, and standards will be carefully taken into account in system design, control and operation.

The consortium consist research partners (VTT, LUT, and Aalto-university) and 18 industrial partners (eight SME companies, and ten large-scale companies) that cover the whole hydrogen value chain. This research project is an important part of ABB’s Green Electrification 2035 ecosystem.
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