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5GFORCE is an ecosystem project focusing on beyond 5G (B5G) and AI, CyberSecurity, radio communications and networking research, development of common test network modules/parts and development and integration of test network. In addition, the ecosystem has several vertical projects focusing on vertical specific technology R&D, development of technology components and solutions and implementation of vertical trials. The 5GFORCE project is the hub and coordinator of the ecosystem. 5GFORCE leverages and takes further the results of TAKE 5 and 5GTNF.
Interdisciplinary approach is achieved by co-operation between telecom and vertical (automation, energy, health, safety, media, automotive, buildings) area technology and business experts, utilization of AI, design of the mobile network operator for research and review of potential new business models. Additionally, test environment allows integration of vertical networks supporting extreme node densities, communication between nodes and cloud services as well as node to node communication with network edge computing capabilities.
The goals of the platform project are:
• To keep Finnish research at the cutting edge of mobile and wireless communications (Industrial Internet, IoT) by continued efforts on the fundamental 5G technologies, algorithms and systems that can be used in many verticals as well as the consumer focused 5G networks
• Develop approaches and technology for use of AI and novel cybersecurity methods across the verticals
• To set up a multisite 5G research and experimentation environment covering both research and experimentation of end-to-end 5G technologies and integration of different vertical networks.
• Support vertical projects to speed up development and research on top of a common platform
• Facilitate external industry partners, SME and academic partners to access research platform technologies to test and explore own innovation.

The project will create and foster a common shared ecosys
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