Third place at the Design Challenge: Envisioning Wearable Enhanced Learning

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    Challenge Theme: Wearable Enhanced Learning (WELL)

    Wearable technologies – such as smart watches, smart fitness trackers, smart glasses, smart glasses, smart objects, smart earbuds, or smart garments – are beginning to transform personal communications and offer new opportunities for learning and interaction. Since wearable technologies are likely to shape the future relationship between humans and computers, it is essential to look beyond the current perspective of how wearable technologies may enhance learning in the future.According to the recent forecasts (e.g. Cisco, Gardner, Deloitte) for 2018, portable technologies, including mobile and wearable devices, will form the basis of personal communications with the global wearable device data traffic increasing by over 60%. Wearable user interfaces are just starting to transform user experience, improving integration of technologies into everyday life, education, and work.

    Wearable Enhanced Learning (WELL) is emerging to be a transformational step in the transition from the desktop age through the mobile age to the age of wearable, ubiquitous computing.

    This session called “Envisioning Wearable Enhanced Learning” is a design challenge which aim at arriving at new and innovative designs enhancing learning through wearable technologies. Participants of this design challenge are encouraged to rethink the future of learning once wearable user interfaces are widely and easily available for any learner. Since most of wearable technologies available on the market today lack mechanism for providing meaningful learning experiences, the grand challenge is to invent designs focusing on meaningful user engagement.

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