Student Prize: ColorAMA Award 2nd Edition

  • Leppisaari, Anna-Mari (Supervisor), Semi, Anna (Student prize recipient), Lyytikäinen, Fanni (Student prize recipient), Lampinen, Henna (Student prize recipient), Hongisto, Riikka (Student prize recipient) & Ainasoja, Noora (Student prize recipient)

Palkinto: Sijoittuminen kilpailussa tai osallistuminen kutsukilpailuun


Aalto BA Fashion and Design students Anna Semi, Fanni Lyytikäinen, Henna Lampinen, Riikka Hongisto and Noora Ainasoja (group work) were selected as finalists in ColorAMA Award. ColorAMA Award is a competition promoted by Filmar Spa and held twice a year to inspire fashion students to develop innovative proposals tackling seasonal color foorecasts for yarns. Aside from the prize on offer, the contest will be a fantastic way to showcase students' talents and skills and see them applied to projects outside the classroom: a win-win approach for industry and education institutions to become more competitive.
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational
Myöntävät organisaatiotFilmar Spa

Myönnetty tapahtumassa

Tapahtuman otsikkoPitti Filati
PaikkaFORTEZZA DA BASSO, Florence, ItaliaNäytä kartalla
Aikajakso24 tammik. 2018 → 26 tammik. 2018