Finnish Game Thesis Competition 2020

    Palkinto: Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta


    The Finnish Game Research Society has awarded the prizes of the 2020 game thesis competition to Solip Park from Aalto University (Master of Arts).

    Solip’s master thesis is titled “Display the Gameplay but Playfully: Visual discourse analysis and comic-based research on game Museums in Finland and South Korea.” The work compares how the Finnish Museum of Games (Suomen Pelimuseo) in Tampere, Finland and the Nexon Computer Museum (넥슨컴퓨터박물관) in Jeju, South Korea tend to preserve and display the game culture and history. The results indicated the effect of both individual actors and the country-specific debate on the gaming culture to game museums’ operations. Solip has combined visual analysis, interviews, and comic-making as a research tool (also known as “comic-based research” method) throughout this thesis. The jury of The Finnish Game Research Society expressed that they were particularly appreciated the methodological ambition of the work, and the way work successfully involved the general public in advancing the research. Solip’s thesis is available online at
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