Pasquale Gallo




Fatigue of welded structures. The candidate intends devote effort to the fatigue assessment of welded structures. In particular off-shore structures, microwelding and laser stake-welded T-joints for marine applications are considered relevant at the present. In general, applicability of local criteria to welded joints in those completely different scales are under evaluation and new solution based on Strain Energy Density are under developing.

Fracture mechanics at small scales. With recent developments in and miniaturization of electronic devices, the size of elements has been approaching a few nanometers. Currently the candidate is studying the fracture mechanics and fatigue at small scales, considering micro and nano specimens. Effort is devoting on the application of local approaches to those small scales for the static and fatigue assessment of notched and cracked micro- nano-components.

Advanced mechanical design against fatigue at high temperature and interaction with creep phenomenon.
The main purpose of the research conducted during the Ph.D. was the investigation of high temperature fatigue and creep-fatigue interaction of different structural materials, considering notched components. In continuity with the Ph.D. activity, the candidate is still working on the definition of methods to assess high temperature fatigue design of notches through local approaches, such as Strain Energy Density. Because of the non linear behavior observed at high temperature, theoretical aspects related with plasticity and J-Integral approach are studied as well.

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  • Fil. toht., Universita Degli Studi Di Padova

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