Matti Rudanko




I am a professor of Private Law, Aalto University School of Business (since 1998) and Docent of Civil Law, Univ. of Helsinki (since 1990). I have the position of the Head of the Department of Accounting in Aalto University School of Business (2010 - 2012).Currently I share my time between tasks of the head of department and those of the professor of private law.  As a scientific supervisor, I am very inspired by the methodological skills of doctoral students as well as students writing their master's theses. In my own research, I am focusing on the interface between competition law and civil law in questions of damages liability of cartels. I am also interested to broaden my methodological views and to adopt new research tools.

Koulutus / tieteellinen pätevyys

  • Oikeustieteen tohtori, Helsingin yliopisto

  • Oikeustieteen lisensiaatti, Helsingin yliopisto

  • Oikeustieteen maisteri, lainopin kandidaatti, ylempi oikeustutkinto, Helsingin yliopisto

  • Securities and Banking Law, General Civil Law, Law of Torts, Law of Contract

ID: 93411