Martti Raevaara

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Raevaara is a professor of e-learning and assessment in art and design education, and the head of Master's programme in Art Education. His teaching and research focus on future orientated teaching, learning and education models, particularly based on blended learning and art and design approach. He is a member of several national and international boards and steering groups of blended learning and cross-disciplinary initiatives for innovative learning and education.

Raevaara was a Vice President of Aalto University 2009-2014, in charge of education, especially reforms in degree programs, teaching and learning including learning environments and library. Before this Raevaara was a Vice-Rector 2008-2009 and the head of MA eLearning programme Virt@ 2001-2010 at the former University of Art and Design UIAH, where he worked since 1983 in several academic jobs, as a lecturer, research assistant, professor and department head. 

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