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    Marie-Andrée Godin was born in Canada and works between Canada and Finland, where she now lives. She completed an M.F.A. at Laval University, in Québec, where she was granted several scholarships, including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Joseph-Armand Bombardier Fellowship). In the past years, she was also recipient of working grants from, among others, Quebec City (Première Ovation), CALQ (Conseil des arts et des letter du Québec), Canada Council for the Arts, TAIKE (the Arts Promotion center of Finland).

    Her work focuses on the figure of the witch as a feminist figure and explores the concepts of a-hierarchy, craft, holistic and anti-anthropocentric thinking and knowledge as a source of power.  She is now trying to see how magic, post-capitalism and diverse political forms or systems can be intertwined to manifest the future. She conducts this research under the title WWW³ (WORLD WIDE WEB / WILD WO.MEN WITCHES / WORLD WITHOUT WORK) more thoroughly as a doctoral candidate at Aalto University (Finland) since 2018. This research is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

    Her work is mainly based in the fields of installation, performance art and socially engaged practices, and has been shown  so far in Canada, the United States, Japan, Finland and Italy.

    WWW³ (WORLD WIDE WEB / WILD WO.MEN WITCHES / WORLD WITHOUT WORK) is a cycle of research  undertook in 2017. It asks: “How can magic and post-capitalism be intertwined to help us manifest the future?” 

    Through a process of both theoretical research and artistic creation ancred in a feminist practice, Marie-Andrée Godin wants to see how magic, postcapitalism and diverse alternative political forms or systems can be entangled to help us manifest a  future.

    What are the links tying magic and postcapitalism? Are we able to imagine an “exit” from capitalism and put it into action? Can we consider re-enchanting the world that capitalism needed to disenchant to achieve its aim? How can art, magic and politic be understood in the same way, as creative actions? What is the role of the artist in the implementation of a postcapitalist future? What is the role of feminism in that? And what are the best artistic strategies to share those ideas through a feminist art practice? How can magic be situated within feminism? And within posthumanism? Can art occurrences (be it exhibitions, workshops, laboratories, performance events, open studios, reading groups, or else) be facilitating the propagation and activate the sharing of various postcapitalist ideas and theories?




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