Margherita Pevere



With a visceral fascination for biological matter, Margherita Pevere (DE) is an artist and researcher. Bacteria, animals and plants are her allies in the exploration of underlying theme of ecological complexity, which she pursues with sophisticated bodily aesthetics. Created both in the studio and in biological laboratories, Pevere’s installations and performances are chimeras intertwining poetics and controversy, critique and desire. Based between Berlin and Helsinki, Pevere is PhD candidate (Artistic Research) at Aalto University, Helsinki, in collaboration with Biofilia  Laboratory – Base for biological arts, supported by The Finnish National Agency for Education (2017–2018) abd Kone Foundation (2019–2020). She is member of the Finnish Bioart Society, the Eco- and Bioart Research Network, and the Posthumanities Hub.

ID: 16050318