Liisa Välikangas

Professori (Professor of Practice)



Liisa Välikangas is known for her publications in strategic renewal and resilience (including The Resilient Organization, McGraw-Hill, 2010 and The Quest for Resilience, Harvard Business Review, 2003) and innovation management (Strategic Innovation, Pearson/Financial Times Press, 2015). She is  Senior Editor of Management and Organization Review, a journal focused on China and emerging markets, published by Cambridge University Press.

Her recent research projects have focused on the business and societal implications of digital technologies including blockchain and how to tackle very large problems, i.e., world challenges. Her long-standing research interests include making management more innovative, strategy more resilient and organisations more open and evolvable. She is currently working on a book on  novel pedagogy titled Wicked Learning Workbook.

Koulutus / tieteellinen pätevyys

  • Ekonomi (ylempi), muu tai tuntematon pääaineryhmä, Tampereen yliopisto

  • The Outlier Initiative - Research Project, Innovation management, Strategic renewal and resilience, Innovation democracy, Strategiakinkerit, Strategy futures, Ideativeness

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