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Research on new energy technologies at Otaniemi Campus was originally initiated at the Department of Engineering Physics (Helsinki University of Technology) in 1979. Early work included solar energy and energy storage. At present, the interest of the New Energy Technologies Group is on advanced and renewable energy systems, in particular nanomaterials for energy devices, systems issues with large-scale renewable energy use, and multidisciplinary energy science.

The current research focus is on solar cells and fuel cells (materials and devices), and sustainable energy innovations and policy (systems). Specific topics include flexible nano-solar cells, nano-composites for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells, energy-sustainable communities, energy frugality, technology diffusion.

The group is lead by Professor Peter D. Lund. Key people in the group include University Lecturer (Mr.) Janne Halme (solar cells), Research Fellow (Mrs.) Kati Miettunen (solar cells), Research Coordinator (Mr.) Imran Asghar (fuel cells, support), Post-Doc (Mr.) Ghufran Hashmi (solar cells), Visiting Post-Doc (Mrs.) Sonia Patricio (fuel cells), Post-Doc (Mr.) Farid Karimi (sustainable energy technologies and policy). In addition, 8 doctoral students (+4 at VTT) and several B.Sc. and M.Sc-level research assistants are enrolled in the group. International visiting researchers are hosted on regular basis. Docents (adjunct) are Dr. Hannele Holttinen (VTT, wind power) and Dr. Janne Halme (Aalto U, solar energy).

The group is responsible for advanced and renewable energy teaching both on undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels within the PHYS-Programme in Engineering Physics. A specialization package in new energy technologies is provided. The group is also coordinating the Multidisciplinary Energy Sciences M.Sc. minor offered to all Aalto U students.


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