Organisaation profiili

Organisaation profiili

Empirica is an interdisciplinary research group where practices of art, design, and craft are used as vehicles of inquiry. We nurture a rigorous but open-minded research environment that accommodates diverse ways of being, knowing, and doing. By adopting the attitude of a craftsperson, we value the operational role of subjective and situated experiences in our various investigative processes. Each member brings along a set of personal, cultural, and disciplinary qualities that form the building blocks of the plural perspective prevailing in the group.

Central to Empirica’s approach is the reflexive character of creative practice, which becomes an important tool to challenge ourselves and others not only creatively but also intellectually. Documentation and reflection are thus essential in rendering our personal knowledge open, transparent, and explicit. Without limiting ourselves to disciplinary boundaries or topics, we persistently develop our art of research by theorizing, experimenting, prototyping, speculating, and (re)inventing ways to investigate empirical phenomena.

The group’s current research foci include making and materiality, creative practices and pedagogies, and world-making processes that extend beyond individual agencies to encompass multiple modes of social and environmental co-existence. These lines of inquiry allow us to openly invite different collaborators and promote a critical approach to knowledge production through diverse research formats. By communicating our research via articles, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions, we aim to cultivate an inclusive mindset and share our philosophy with various publics.

YK:n kestävän kehityksen tavoitteet

Vuonna 2015 YK:n jäsenvaltiot sopivat 17 maailmanlaajuisesta kestävän kehityksen tavoitteesta (Sustainable Development Goal, SDG) poistamaan köyhyyden, suojelemaan planeettaa ja takaamaan vaurauden kaikille. Työmme edistää seuraavia kestävän kehityksen tavoitteita:

  • SDG 3 – Hyvä terveys ja hyvinvointi
  • SDG 4 – Laadukas koulutus
  • SDG 7 – Edullinen ja puhdas energia
  • SDG 8 – Ihmisarvoinen työ ja taloudellinen kasvu
  • SDG 11 – Kestävät kaupungit ja yhteisöt
  • SDG 12 – Vastuullinen kulutus ja tuotanto
  • SDG 13 – Ilmastotoimet
  • SDG 14 – Vedenalainen elämä
  • SDG 15 – Maanpäällinen elämä

Yhteistyöt ja huippututkimusalueet viimeisiltä viideltä vuodelta

Viimeisin maa-/aluetasolla toteutettu yhteistyö. Saat tarkempia lisätietoja pisteitä napauttamalla, tai
  • Creatures Experimental Productions

    Sáez Agurto, F. (Creator), Beavers, I. (Creator), Altarriba Bertran, F. (Creator), Botero, A. (Creator), Buschmann, J. (Creator), Camino, D. (Creator), Chewie (Creator), Choi, J. H. (Creator), Davis, H. (Creator), Seaweed, D. O. (Creator), Dolejšová, M. (Creator), Hanafi, A. (Creator), Heitlinger, S. (Creator), Howse, M. (Creator), Knopp, T. (Creator), L'Huillier, N. (Creator), Light, A. (Creator), Lohmann, J. (Creator), Magic, M. (Creator), Miller, M. (Creator), Mitro, M. (Creator), Mujica, P. (Creator), Patterson, A. G. (Creator), Pokrywka, A. (Creator), Graham Raven, P. (Creator), Rudd, G. (Creator), Schubert, T. (Creator), Smrekar, M. (Creator), Šutić, G. (Creator), Thornton, C. (Creator), Wallis, L. (Creator), Wilde, D. (Creator) & Cathlow, R. (Creator), Zenodo, 2022

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