Computer Science - Security and Privacy (securityprivacy)

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Security and Privacy
Department of Computer Science Research area

Secure and private computing and communication systems.

The goal of this research area are 1) to create new technologies, designs, analysis methods for the development of secure and private computing and communication systems, and 2) advance the fundamental scientific knowledge in security engineering, including human factors.

These new technologies aim either to deter, prevent or detect malicious attacks and they should be, at the same time, secure, privacy-preserving, easy to use, and inexpensive to deploy. As is typical for security research, our results also include the discovery of novel attacks and previously unknown classes of vulnerabilities in existing systems.

Security against malicious attacks is a basic requirement for all networkconnected services and products, and scientific research can provide both fundamental understanding of the security issues and practical solutions that enable product development.

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  • Threat modeling framework for mobile communication systems

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  • Hardware Platform Security for Mobile Devices

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