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The Organic Electronics group is part of the Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering, at Aalto University.
We study materials and organic devices with the scope of developing next-generation electronics.
In particular, by using organic molecules, we can develop a novel class of both materials and devices capable
of addressing current and future challenges in low-cost and flexible electronics.
Our interest lies in the general understanding of the device properties as well as the overall development and improvement of the performances.
Large efforts are devoted to study physical phenomena as charge/field-effect transport and light emission/sensing,
with a particular interest for new materials and material’s interface. The group is located in the Micronova Research Center.

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3D Multi-Branched SnO2 Semiconductor Nanostructures as Optical Waveguides

Rossella, F., Bellani, V., Tommasini, M., Gianazza, U., Comini, E. & Soldano, C., 2019, julkaisussa : Materials. 12, 19, 3148.

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    The science of light is everywhere

    Caterina Soldano


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