Surface engineering of dental instruments

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In order to maintain a leading position in the world market, products should exhibit better functionality and durability. Such enhanced performance can be achieved by surface engineering, applying thin film coatings and/or functional materials. This Case study presents development of dental instruments of LM-Instruments Oy ( with improved performance and increased lifetime. By applying a hybrid coating with high cor- rosion resistance, the instruments can be made of high strength steel materials with clearly superior mechanical properties. The hybrid coating consisted of a physical vapor deposition coating of chromium nitride and of atomic layer deposition (ALD) nano-laminate of TiO2/Al2O3. These new instruments re- duce the need for re-sharpening and increase their lifetime. Furthermore, a new omniphobic non-stick coating on textured metal was developed on dental restorative instruments. This research helped the company in its R&D indirectly and demonstrated novel means to develop next generation products. These studies were carried out in a Tekes funded SHOK program with collaboration of 36 different Finnish companies and 7 research partners.
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