WITio: A MATLAB data evaluation toolbox to script broader insights into big data from WITec microscopes



WITio is intended for the users of WITec.de microscopes, who work with WITec Project/Data (*.wip/*.wid) files (v0-v7) and wish to enrich their data evaluation by customized automation scripts within MATLAB environment. Thanks to its fast bidirectional read/write capabilities, WITio bridges the best of both WITec software and MATLAB software. The toolbox is a great script-based automation platform for big data analysis and post-processing, which reduces a lot of slow error-prone manual work. This includes file batch processing, easily accessible customized tools and more systematic data evaluation. When combined with the WITec software's Autosaving feature, they can together even achieve powerful real-time during-measurement task automation for industrial applications. To summarize, WITio aims to constantly open up new research and commercial possibilities to the WITec community by jointly keeping up with the ever-increasing big data for broader insights.

The title and description of this software/code correspond with the situation when the software metadata was imported to ACRIS. The most recent version of metadata is available in the original repository
Koska saatavilla2021
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