Urban peripheries workshop Vol. 1 publication

  • Maiju Loukola (Creator)
  • Bea-Stina Tornberg (Creator)
  • Una Auri (Creator)
  • Virpi Nieminen (Creator)



The exposition is a visual and textual map of exploratory projects by 10 Aalto ARTS students and 12 Universität der Künste students in their collaboratory workshop URBAN PERIPHERIES Vol. 1 in Helsinki/Espoo, during 5-20 February 2019.

The exposition is composed by the Aalto ARTS students and their supervisor, and it reflects the interventional works realised by the ARTS + UdK students, and experimental texts realised by the ARTS students after the actual workshop.

The exposition similarly works as a basis for the second part of URBAN PERIPHERIES (Vol. 2) that will take place in UdK Berlin in December 2019. It thus also outlines possible scenarios to be explored on grounds of the first workshop.
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