Supplementary material 3 from: Anđelković AA, Lawson Handley L, Marchante E, Adriaens T, Brown PMJ, Tricarico E, Verbrugge LNH (2022) A review of volunteers' motivations to monitor and control invasive alien species. NeoBiota 73: 153-175.

  • Ana A. Anđelković (Creator)
  • Lori Lawson Handley (Creator)
  • Elizabete Marchante (Creator)
  • Tim Adriaens (Creator)
  • Peter M. J. Brown (Creator)
  • Elena Tricarico (Creator)
  • Laura Verbrugge (Creator)



List of recommendations for designing projects to ensure maximum recruitment and volunteer retention extracted from the studies used in the analysis (for their full references, please see Suppl. material 1) and their link to our recommendations
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Dataset Licences

  • CC0-1.0

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