Spatial Room Impulse Response Dataset: A Robot's Journey Through Coupled Rooms of a Reverberant University Building

  • Georg Stolz (Creator)
  • Georg Götz (Creator)
  • Lukas Treybig (Creator)
  • Stephan Werner (Creator)
  • Florian Klein (Creator)



This is a dataset of Spatial Room Impulse Responses obtained by a robot equipped with a microphone array. The measurements were conducted in a reverberant university building, the Helmholtz building at Technische Universität Ilmenau (coordinates: N50.6815788133375°, E10.939294371903342°). All the floors in the building are covered with bare stone tiles, the walls are not acoustically treated. Only the hallway has a suspended acoustic ceiling. The file "Pictures Overview.jpg" shows some impressions of the building. Note that the floorplan only shows parts of the building that were connected to the measurement area by open doors. The area covered by the robot is in a hallway on the top floor (2nd floor starting with ground floor) with two stairwells at both ends. To specifically study the behavior of coupled rooms and occluded sources, the sound sources were placed in adjacent sections of the building and on multiple floors. See the file "Measurement Overview.jpg" for an overview of the source positions and the receiver areas covered. Areas 2 and 3 were captured with a higher spatial resolution than area 1 to analyze the transition between the hallway and the staircases. The receiver positions form a uniform grid, the pitch between positions is shown in the following table. Due to time and technical constraints, only a maximum of 3 sources were used per run, so there are not all combinations of sources and receiver areas. Refer to the following table to see which source was active for which area and which zip file contains the according data: Filename Sources Receiver Area Receiver Positions [ct] Pitch [cm] HM, HS Area 1 143 50 SML, SSL, SSU Area 1 154 50 SMU, SML, HM Area 2 88 25 SSU, SSL, HS Area 3 92 25 As an example "Plot Reverberation Time.jpg" shows the reverberation times for all measured positions of Area 1 and 2 with speaker HM.
Koska saatavilla26 helmik. 2024
Tietojen luontipäivämäärä26 syysk. 2023 - 10 lokak. 2023

Dataset Licences

  • CC-BY-4.0

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