Project Data: Industrial Innovation in Transition - coded interview data

  • Erkki Ormala (Creator)
  • Sampo Tukiainen (Creator)
  • Jukka Mattila (Creator)
  • Katrin Hahn University of Twente (Creator)
  • Konrad Kornelia University of Twente (Creator)



Industrial innovation has changed fundamentally over the last ten years. Companies have widely adopted new tools such as open innovation, innovation networks and ecosystems, systemic innovations, public/private partnerships, crowd sourcing, social media, and demand based innovations. These new practices have improved the innovation capabilities of companies and brought new challenges to the traditional innovation policy instruments.

This project examined widely companies’ current use of new innovation practices around Europe and the good practice experience of their use. It also evaluated existing innovation policy portfolios at national and European levels, and analyzed the differences between innovation processes and management practices in different industrial sectors. With 694 interviews of company representatives the project covered five key industrial sectors in 11 EU Member States.
The data is restricted. Please e-mail to to request access to the data. The data is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (
Koska saatavilla31 heinäkuuta 2017
Tietojen luontipäivämäärä2017


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IIT: Industrial Innovation in Transition

Ormala, E., Heikura, T., Erkama, N., Raitio, R., Turkama, P., Tukiainen, S. & Mattila, J.


Projekti: EU: Framework programmes funding

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Ormala, E. (Creator), Tukiainen, S. (Creator), Mattila, J. (Creator), Hahn, K. (Creator), Kornelia, K. (Creator) (31 heinäkuuta 2017). Project Data: Industrial Innovation in Transition - coded interview data10.5281/zenodo.848558