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The ParliamentSampo Knowledge Graph includes data regarding Finnish Parliamentary debates and actors. The RDF data has been converted using data from the Parliament of Finland's open data services and Wikidata. The Knowledge Graph contains harmonized data of speeches from the plenary sessions of the Finnish Parliament 1907–2022, and members and organizations of the Parliament. The data model is designed for representing speeches, interruptions, items (on agenda), documents and other aspects related to plenary session speeches and minutes as well as member of the parliament and biographical information about them focusing on their political career. This dataset is available on a public SPARQL endpoint ( To test and demonstrate its usefulness, this Knowledge Graph is in use in the semantic portal ParliamentSampo, explained in more detail in the project page. The Knowledge Graph can be downloaded also as CSV and XML files. See the dataset page on for more details.
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  • CC-BY-4.0

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