Modules in Human Electrophysiological Connectomes of Phase-Synchronization



This dataset contains results from a study to identify modules in human connectomes of inter-regional phase-synchronization, from intra-cerebral stereo-EEG (Electroencephalographic) data. 'Module_assignments.xlsx' contains module assignments, separately for left and right hemispheres, for frequencies from 3 Hz to 320 Hz. Module assignments are provided for different spatial scales, as specified by the 'gamma' parameter of the Louvain community detection method, which we used to identify modules. 'NeurosynthTerms_ConsensusModules.xlsx' contains module assignments for 'consensus modules', i.e. sets of regions consistently assigned to the same module across frequencies and spatial scales. Further, it provides sets of terms related to perceptual, cognitive and motor processing, that are selectively associated to each of the consensus modules.
Koska saatavilla25 kesäk. 2021
JulkaisijaMendeley Data
Tietojen luontipäivämäärä1 tammik. 2013 - 1 jouluk. 2018

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