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# GMD_hydrostreamer
Code and (part of) the data needed to replicate the figures in the hydrostreamer 1.0 model description paper:
The code reproduces figures 3-5, table 4 and appendix tables A1 to A4. contains downscaled and routed outputs from the 15 runoff datasets for each river segment.

The repository contains all data needed except for monitoring data, for which our license does not cover distribution.
The data is available from *Note that the code does not run completely without the observations.*

Other data included are:
* runoff datasets obtained from the ISIMIP archive (, and cropped to the area-of-interest
* discharge data obtained from the ISIMIP archive, and cropped to the area-of-interest
* GRADES data for the 10 monitoring stations included, aggregated to monthly means.
* GLOFAS data for the 10 monitoring stations included, aggregated to monthly means.!/dataset/cems-glofas-historical
* HydroSHEDS river network for the area-of-interest.
* River segment specific catchment areas delineated using a Voronoi Diagram, and using HydroSHEDS drainage direction raster.
* Station locations for the 0.5 degree data, including the HydroSHEDS river segment ID for each station.

The ISIMIP data is distributed with CC-BY 4.0 or CC-NY-NC 4.0 license. Refer to the following link for which license applies to which model.
GRADES data can be only used for research purposes.

The title and description of this software correspond with the situation when the software metadata was imported to ACRIS. The most recent version of metadata is available in the original repository.
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