Metsähovi Radio Observatory public solar database



This dataset contains the observations of the Sun made with various radio-frequency instruments at the Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory since 1978. The dataset is growing when new observations are added every month. The data are mostly raw data or output from the various measurement systems; calibration is left for the user. However, ready plots are available for most of the astronomically interesting observations.
This dataset contains: (i) total intensity maps of the solar disk measured with the 14-metre radio telescope at 37 GHz since 1978 (data from years 1978-1987 are digitized from contour plot printouts and converted to match the modern data format), (ii) total intensity of the Sun at 11.2 GHz, measured continuously with a 1.8-metre radio telescope since 2001, (iii) other data such as total irradiance / pyrheliometer data, telescope pointing data, weather parameters, and other auxiliary information.
Data is accessible at: Note: the dataset is growing.
Koska saatavilla13 jouluk. 2019
JulkaisijaMinistry of Education and Culture
Tietojen luontipäivämäärä1978 - 2019

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  • CC-BY-4.0

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