Measurement and Computation of Fire Phenomena (MaCFP) Condensed Phase Material Database

  • Benjamin Batiot (Creator)
  • Morgan Bruns (Creator)
  • Simo Hostikka (Creator)
  • Isaac Leventon (Creator)
  • Yuji Nakamura (Creator)
  • Thomas Rogaume (Creator)
  • Stanislav Stoliarov (Creator)



The MaCFP Condensed Phase Subgroup has been designed to enable the fire research community to make significant progress towards establishing a common framework for the selection of experiments and the methodologies used to analyze these experiments when developing pyrolysis models. Experimental measurements prepared for the MaCFP Condensed Phase Working Group are submitted electronically by participating institutions and are organized and made publicly available in the MaCFP repository, which is hosted on GitHub []. This database is version controlled, with each addition to (or edit of) measurement data saved with a unique identifier (i.e., commit tag). The repository was created and is managed by members of the MaCFP Organizing Committee.
As of October, 2021, the MaCFP Condensed Phase Material Database contains measurement data from more than 200 unique experiments (conducted under 35 different test conditions on the same exact poly(methyl methacrylate), PMMA). All measurement data submitted by each institution is organized in a single folder with the institution's name. A consistent file naming convention is used for all test data (i.e., across all folders). File names indicate the institution name, experimental apparatus, and basic test conditions (e.g., gaseous environment and incident heat flux or heating rate). Measurement data from repeated experiments is saved in separate, ASCII comma-delimited (.csv) files, each numbered sequentially. Written description of sample preparation, test setup, and test procedure (which define the conditions associated with the experiments conducted) are included in each folder as a file; this file is automatically interpreted by GitHub as Markdown (.md) text and provides a brief description of an institution's data.

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