In between



The goal of this artistic exploration was not to find the one ‘true’ identity but to understand and cope with the transformation between different roles that challenge the perception of oneself. Who / what exists in between the roles?

Instead of focusing on human subjects, I have used a city as an example for the exploration. The city of Rovaniemi works as the basis of the exploration where different ‘roles’ can be understood. In order to understand the identities of the city, I first mapped the different roles with informal questionnaires and focused on places that were left in between.

The exploration aims to understand what emerges through a compilation of views that focus on something ‘in between’. The aim was to collect video clips that show the gaps and the places in between the well-known and recognizable locations. The interest of this exploration was to understand what can be revealed through focusing on the unnoticed or disregarded.
Koska saatavilla21 jouluk. 2016
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