GMVA 86GHz images of OJ 287

  • J. A. Hodgson Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (Creator)
  • T. P. Krichbaum Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie (Creator)
  • Alan P. Marscher (Creator)
  • Svetlana G. Jorstad (Creator)
  • B. Rani (Creator)
  • I. Marti-Vidal Chalmers University of Technology, Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie (Creator)
  • U. Bach (Creator)
  • S. Sanchez (Creator)
  • Michael Bremer Institut de Radio Astronomie Millimétrique (Creator)
  • M. Lindqvist Chalmers University of Technology (Creator)
  • Minttu Uunila (Creator)
  • Juha Kallunki (Creator)
  • Pedro Vicente (Creator)
  • L. Fuhrmann (Creator)
  • E. Angelakis (Creator)
  • Vassilis Karamanavis (Creator)
  • I. Myserlis (Creator)
  • I. Nestoras (Creator)
  • C. Chidiac Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie (Creator)
  • Albrecht Sievers (Creator)
  • Mark Gurwell (Creator)
  • J.Anton Zensus (Creator)



The GMVA combines the eight 3mm receiver equipped stations of the VLBA and up to six European observatories, including Effelsberg, Onsala, Metsahovi, Pico Veleta, Plateau de Bure, and since 2012, Yebes. Data were recorded at 512 Mbit/s, with eight 8MHz channels, in dual polarisation. Onsala and Yebes observed in left circular polarisation (LCP) only. For these stations, LCP was assumed to be equal to RCP and hence Stokes I. Scans of approximately 7 minutes every 15 minutes were recorded with pointing and calibration performed on European stations in the gaps between scans.(2 data files).

Comments: list.dat 7x112 List of fits images; fits/* 7. Individual fits images

Keywords: Active gal. nuclei; Gamma rays
Koska saatavilla1 tammikuuta 2017


Location of γ-ray emission and magnetic field strengths in OJ 287

Hodgson, J. A., Krichbaum, T. P., Marscher, A. P., Jorstad, S. G., Rani, B., Marti-Vidal, I., Bach, U., Sanchez, S., Bremer, M., Lindqvist, M., Uunila, M., Kallunki, J., Vicente, P., Fuhrmann, L., Angelakis, E., Karamanavis, V., Myserlis, I., Nestoras, I., Chidiac, C., Sievers, A. & 2 muuta, Gurwell, M. & Zensus, J. A., 1 tammikuuta 2017, julkaisussa : Astronomy and Astrophysics. 597, 29 Sivumäärä, A80.

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    Hodgson, J. A. (Creator), Krichbaum, T. P. (Creator), Marscher, A. P. (Creator), Jorstad, S. G. (Creator), Rani, B. (Creator), Marti-Vidal, I. (Creator), Bach, U. (Creator), Sanchez, S. (Creator), Bremer, M. (Creator), Lindqvist, M. (Creator), Uunila, M. (Creator), Kallunki, J. (Creator), Vicente, P. (Creator), Fuhrmann, L. (Creator), Angelakis, E. (Creator), Karamanavis, V. (Creator), Myserlis, I. (Creator), Nestoras, I. (Creator), Chidiac, C. (Creator), Sievers, A. (Creator), Gurwell, M. (Creator), Zensus, J. A. (Creator) (1 tammikuuta 2017). GMVA 86GHz images of OJ 287