EBSD measurement and visualisation of grain size variation: MTEX implementation for linear intercept length method



The most commonly reported microstructural measure in literature is the average grain size. In addition to measurement of average grain size, other material specific factors such as differences in phase structure and grain size distribution need to be considered. For heterogeneous materials such as welded low-alloy steel joints, the grain size distribution is of particular interest since it has been shown to influence the mechanical properties. Improved grain size measurement methods are thus required to enhance the understanding between grain size distribution and mechanical properties.

This code is an implementation of the line-sampled and point-sampled linear intercept length methods published in Refs. [1-2], utilising the functionalities of the open-source toolbox MTEX. The code measures the average grain size, relative grain size dispersion, and the volume-weighted average grain size. In addition, the spatial grain size variation is visualized and moving averages of the grain size are calculated in horizontal and vertical directions. For more details, refer to the two publications [1-2], the supplementary dataset [3] and WIKI page [4] given below.

The title and description of this software correspond with the situation when the software metadata was imported to ACRIS. The most recent version of metadata is available in the original repository.
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