Demo of wireless HD-video transfer from inside a human-body-phantom to an on-body receiver



This video demostrates wireless HD video transmission from a capsule placed inside a liquid human-body-phantom to a receiver located outside of this phantom. We show and discuss how different parameters affect link quality.
We designed the antenna system as well as the test setup, in order to enable transmitting HD video data from a capsule embedded inside the the human body, wirelessly to a receiver placed outside the body. The wireless link in this test setup is realised with software-defined-radios handling the video transmission and reception, and especially designed antennas for the capsule transmitter and for the on-body receiver. The target application is wireless gastroendoscopy, i.e. medical applications that require high-resolution video images from inside the gastrointestinal tract of a patient. We hence demonstrate one promising practical implementation of an antenna system that enables very high data rates needed to ensure HD video transmission.
Koska saatavilla15 elok. 2019
JulkaisijaAalto University
Tietojen luontipäivämäärä8 elok. 2019

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