Dataset from publication "Predicting context-sensitive urban green space quality to support urban green infrastructure planning"



Data Description: This dataset presents the spatial outcome of an analysis modelling perceived green space quality across the city of Espoo, Finland. The analysis relies on data gathered through the My Espoo on the Map survey (Mun Espoo kartalla) in the autumn of 2020 as part of the NordForsk-funded research project NORDGREEN. A comprehensive account of the analytical process and potential applications of the dataset is available in the associated publication, "Predicting context-sensitive urban green space quality to support urban green infrastructure planning" (open access: Data Processing: This dataset results from an analysis that integrates both primary and secondary sources of geospatial data. The primary data were collected with an online public participation GIS (PPGIS) survey directed for the adult inhabitants of Espoo. The data collection took place in September-October 2020 and was executed in collaboration with Aalto University and the City of Espoo. For a detailed overview of the data collection process, please refer to the related publication. Data characteristics: Format: Shapefile (50m x 50m grid) Geographical area: Espoo, Finland Spatial reference: EUREF FIN TM35FIN Note: Only grid cells intersecting with greenspace have been included in the dataset. For the employed definition of green areas, please consult the related publication. Data attributes and their descriptions: "P_PROB": Probability (P), positive perceived quality "N_PROB": Probability (P), negative perceived quality Funding: This research was funded by NordForsk, Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Cities Programme, Project Smart Planning for Healthy and Green and Nordic Cities – NORDGREEN, under Grant Number: 95322.
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