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This dataset, stored in Zenodo, contains the laboratory test results used in a paper titled “Inherent variability of geotechnical properties for Finnish clay soils” presented in 18th International Probabilistic Workshop (Löfman and Korkiala-Tanttu, 2021b). The data originates from four clay soil deposits located in Finland: Haarajoki, Suurpelto, Tolsa, and POKO. This dataset was used to derive statistics for inherent variability of geotechnical properties within nominally homogeneous soil layers.

The types of laboratory tests include:

Classification tests like water content determination, density, grain size
Undrained shear strengths from Swedish fall cone test
Incrementally loaded and constant-rate-of strain oedometer tests

Two dataset files are provided in Excel-format:


In the first dataset file, each row represents laboratory test results for one soil specimen (i.e. parameters like water content, compression index). In the second dataset file, each row represents results for one load increment in an incrementally loaded oedometer test (i.e. coefficient of consolidation and coefficient of creep). Both dataset files contain “info” sheets that explain what each data column contains.

Further information about the data and the studied sites can be found from Löfman and Korkiala-Tanttu (2021a, 2021b). Some of the oedometer test results included in this dataset have also been published in a database called FI-CLAY/14/856 (Löfman and Korkiala-Tanttu, 2021a).

Some of the data included in this database was not utilized in the paper “Inherent variability of geotechnical properties for Finnish clay soils”. This ‘extra’ data was included in the dataset regardless, in case future analyses can benefit from them.

The compilation of this dataset was funded by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.


Löfman, Monica S. and Leena Korkiala-Tanttu. 2021a. Transformation models for the compressibility properties of Finnish clays using a multivariate database. Georisk: Assessment and Management of Risk for Engineered Systems and Geohazards.

Löfman, Monica S., and Leena K. Korkiala-Tanttu, 2021b. Inherent variability of geotechnical properties for Finnish clay soils. In the Proceedings of 18th International Probabilistic Workshop (IPW2020), 12-14 May 2021, Guimarães, Portugal. Springer.
Koska saatavilla22 huhtik. 2021
Tietojen luontipäivämäärä1995 - 2020
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  • Inherent variability of geotechnical properties for Finnish clay soils

    Löfman, M. & Korkiala-Tanttu, L., toukok. 2021, 18th International Probabilistic Workshop, IPW 2020. Matos, J. C., Lourenço, P. B., Oliveira, D. V., Branco, J., Proske, D., Silva, R. A. & Sousa, H. S. (toim.). Springer, Vuosikerta 153. s. 431-443 13 Sivumäärä (Lecture notes in civil engineering; Vuosikerta 153).

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