Data from: Increasing dependence of lowland populations on mountain water resources

  • Daniel Viviroli (Creator)
  • Matti Kummu (Creator)
  • Michel Meybeck (Creator)
  • Marko Kallio (Creator)
  • Yoshihide Wada (Creator)



Mountain areas provide disproportionally high runoff in many parts of the world, and here we quantify for the first time their importance for water resources and food production from the viewpoint of the lowland areas downstream. The dataset maps the degree to which lowland areas potentially depend on runoff contributions from mountain areas (39% of land mass) between the 1960s and the 2040s.
Koska saatavilla16 kesäk. 2020
JulkaisijaDryad Digital Repository

Dataset Licences

  • CC0-1.0


  • This is related to sustainability

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