Data for the publication: Bursting of condensates



This entry includes the raw data and the analysed data for the publication "Bursting of condensates". The original publication was published in Communications Physics: The "" folder contains 5 subfolders with the name of the proteins. Each subfolder contains the analysed data from the videos as .txt files. The type of data is specified in the name: aspiration, retraction, bursting_radius, curvilinear_coordinate. The "" folders contain the videos in the .tif format obtained with optical microscopy. The applied pressure (Pa) as well as the fps are indicated in the file name. The folder "" contains the analysed coalescence data as .avi and the images of the time stability and coalescence analysed for CBM-AQ12-CBM. The folder "" contains the microscopy images. Please find more information in the read_me files uploaded.
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