Data for "From Kitchen Garden to Multifunctionality: Leek-inspired Surface Structures Introduce Optical and Self-cleaning Properties to Cellulose-based Films"



UV-Vis: The optical properties were measured from 300 nm to 800 nm. The transmittance and haze were calculated using the following equations, and the results were reported for three sets of measurements: Transmittance (%) = T2/T1 × 100 Haze (%) = (T4/T2 - T3/T1) × 100 where T1 is the reference transmitted light without the sample, T2 is the total light transmitted with the presence of the sample, T3 is light beam scattering by the UV-Vis device, and T4 is the diffusive transmittance, referring to the light transmitted by both the sample and the device. The zip files are named by noting 'UV-Vis' followed by the type of sample. Current density-Voltage: Seven sets of measurements were conducted on perovskite solar cell (PSC) devices, comparing the performance of uncoated (noted as pristine) devices to those coated with the replica. Additionally, another seven sets of measurements compared the performance of devices with and without the replica+2%CW coating. The data are recorded in .txt files noted by 'Current density-Voltage spectra.' Light scattering with halogen light beam: The intensity of the illuminated light is determined for the length of a horizontal line passing through the center by using image analysis. The intensities are provided for all the cases, i,e,. with no film, with plain CA film, and with the replica. The .txt file is named 'Light scattering with halogen light beam.'
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