Data and code for 'Influence of cross-correlation on the modelled uncertainty in stress–strain behavior of soft clays'



This dataset contains data and code used in the research work for the manuscript "Influence of cross-correlation on the modelled uncertainty in stress–strain behavior of soft clays". The study considered two case studies, Haarajoki clay and Suurpelto clay. Two settlement calculation methods were used: compression index method and Janbu (tangential stiffness) method. In addition, clay database FI-CLAY/14/856 was extended and used to study cross-correlations between compressibility paramaters at different clay sites. Version 2 of FI-CLAY/14/856 is provided, including some other updates and corrections also.

The Monte Carlo simulation with Gaussian copula was implemented with Python in Jupyter Notebook environment. In addition to data and code, supplementary figures are also provided. The contents of the dataset-folder are briefly described below:

Oedometer test data for Haarajoki clay and Suurpelto clay:
Data tables that include the clay specimen identifications, index properties, and oedometer test results (.xlsx)Oedometer raw data files that include all the available stress-strain measurements of both constant-rate-of-strain and incrementally loaded odometer tests (.xlsx)
Extended clay database FI-CLAY/14/856 (version 2) (.xlsx)
Python code used to run the Monte Carlo simulations and to create the results figures (.ipynb)Readme-file (.txt)
Scatterplots with histograms that show the simulated compressibility parameters in each case (.pdf)


More information on database FI-CLAY/14/856 can be found from the original article ( and 304dB datbase compilation by TC304 (

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