Chemical imaging data collected on small wood cubes after impregnation-treatment with phenol formaldehyde resin

  • Michael Altgen (Creator)
  • Muhammad Awais (Creator)
  • Daniela Altgen (Creator)
  • André Klüppel (Creator)
  • Gerald Koch (Creator)
  • Mikko Mäkelä (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.) (Creator)
  • Andrea Olbrich (Creator)
  • Lauri Rautkari (Creator)



This dataset contains UV microspectrophotometry (UMSP) and near infrared (NIR) imaging data measured on small beech wood cubes (15x15x15 mm<sup>3</sup>) that were impregnation-treated with a low molecular weight phenol formaldehyde resin.

The file “NIR sample IDs with weight and dimensional changes.csv” contains the sample IDs as well as the weight percent gains and dimensional changes caused by the resin treatment of each sample in the dataset. To generate the NIR image files, a region of interest of 881 x 384 pixels was selected from the raw image files to produce an image that contains the sample surrounded by background. The spectral data was corrected using the calibration reflectance target values and then converted to absorbance. Each NIR image is stored in a separate MATLAB file (.mat) with the sample ID as the file name.

The file "UMSP sample IDs.csv" contains the sample IDs of the UMSP images. The folder "UMSP image" contains the corresponding UMSP image profiles, which are stored as excel files (.xlsx) with the sample IDs as file names. The files contain the absorbance at 278 nm per pixel with a pixel resolution of 0.25 x 0.25 µm<sup>2</sup>.
Koska saatavilla2022

Dataset Licences

  • CC-BY-4.0

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