Au recovery and particle deposition from Au-Cu-Cl solutions with electrochemically-assisted aqueous reduction



This dataset contains all the measurement data related to the publication titled: Recovery of Gold as Nanoparticles From Gold-Poor Au-Cu-Cl Solutions (2023). The publication introduces the EAR method (electrochemically assisted aqueous reduction): an electrochemical potential pulsing method, where during the time between potential pulses a spontaneous redox reaction contributes to the gold recovery. This occurs through reduction of aqueous gold by aqueous Cu(I) chloride complexes, which are generated via the potential pulse from Cu(II) complexes. This dataset contains: Cyclic voltammetry data of Au-Cl and Cu-Cl solutions EQCM data of gold recovery with the EAR method Characterization of gold particles recovered onto glassy carbon electrodes (SEM, EDS) Measurement details can be read in included readme files. Briefly, EQCM data (electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance) data includes the measured electrochemical data in one file (time, potential, current) and the measured QCM data (time, frequency and dissipation change) in another file. Particle deposition folders may contain electrochemical data of deposition, SEM images of surface, CV measurements used for determining electrochemical surface area, images processed for particle size measurement with ImageJ and EDS data depending on the sample.
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