A video dataset of a wooden box assembly process: dataset

  • Jiayun Zhang (Fudan University, University of California) (Creator)
  • Petr Byvshev (Creator)
  • Yu Xiao (Työnjohtaja)



This paper presents a video dataset of a 9-step wooden box assembly process including 17 subjects. The main strength of this dataset is the design of a standard and uniform workflow and the use of multiple cameras capturing videos from two different viewpoints. 62 video files were collected with the total size of 20 GB and the total duration of 13 hours. Each of the video is complemented with temporal annotations that indicate the starting and ending timestamps of each work step in the assembly process. We also provide statistical descriptive analyses of the recorded processes. Our dataset can be utilized for developing solutions to human activity recognition, process documentation, and many others that involve human-object interaction.
Koska saatavilla21 syyskuuta 2020
Tietojen luontipäivämääräkesäkuuta 2019 - syyskuuta 2019

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