A dataset of measured spatial room impulse responses for the transition between coupled rooms



For a detailed description of the measurement and analysis methods, please see: McKenzie, T., Schlecht, S. J., and Pulkki, V. (2021). Acoustic Analysis and Dataset of Transitions between Coupled Rooms. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. This dataset contains measured spatial room impulse responses for the transition between coupled rooms. Four coupled room pairs are included: Meeting Room to Hallway Office to Anechoic Chamber Office to Kitchen Office to Stairwell All were recorded at the Aalto University campus using a Genelec 8331A coaxial loudspeaker and an mh acoustics Eigenmike (32 capsule spherical microphone array for fourth order spherical harmonic capture). Each transition features 101 measurements in 5cm intervals from 2.5m inside the first room to 2.5m inside the second room. Transitions are repeated four times corresponding to four different source positions: two inside each room, one which has no continuous line-of-sight with the microphone when in the opposing room, and one which retains a direct continuous line-of-sight with the microphone for all measurement positions. The spatial room impulse responses are downloadable in either Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics (SOFA) and Wav formats. Supplementary data includes amplitude plots, direct-to-reverberant graphs, estimated direction-of-arrival plots and scaled illustrations of room geometries and source positions. Changelog: V 1.0 - Initial version V 1.1 - Added plots only download option V 1.2 - Improved time alignment of impulse responses and changed normalisation to a single value relative to the maximum of the entire dataset V 1.3 - SOFA files updated to latest Matlab API (1.1.3), 'SingleRoomDRIR' convention, with SourcePosition data corrected. The SOFA files for each transition are also now downloadable separately, in case the entire dataset is not required. V 1.4 - SRIRs have been denoised using the technique described in https://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=21800 and available at https://github.com/chris-hld/Directional-Multi-Slope-Room-Impulse-Response-Denoising. This is particularly noticeable for measurements with a low SNR, such as where there is a large distance between source and receiver and occluded direct path. Note that the wav files have not been included in this release - see previous releases if wav files (not denoised) are required. SOFA files are renamed and available to download separately.
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