A collection of public transport network data sets for 27 cities



This dataset describes the public transport networks of 27 cities across the world in multiple easy-to-use data formats. These data formats include network edge lists, temporal network event lists, SQLite databases, GeoJSON files, and General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) compatible ZIP-files. The original source data for creating these networks has been published by public transport agencies according to the GTFS data format. To produce the network data extracts for each city, the original data have been curated for errors, filtered spatially and temporally and augmented with walking distances between public transport stops using data from OpenStreetMap. Cities included in this data set: Adelaide, Antofagasta, Athens, Belfast, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brisbane, Canberra, Detroit, Dublin, Grenoble, Helsinki, Kuopio, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Nantes, Palermo, Paris, Prague, Rennes, Rome, Sydney, Toulouse, Turku, Venice, and Winnipeg.
Saatavilla29 joulukuuta 2017
Ajallinen kattavuus1 syyskuuta 2014 - 31 joulukuuta 2016
Luontipäivämäärä1 tammikuuta 2016 - 29 joulukuuta 2017



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