This data set contains the supplementary files (simulation input and output files) and data associated with the following publication: Vuorte, M. & Sammalkorpi, M. (2023). From microemulsion phase diagrams to hydrophilicity and hydration controlled adsorption: A dissipative particle dynamics modelling study of phospholipid assembly in bio oils. Soft Matter, DOI: Please cite the above publication when using this data set! This work was supported by the Academy of Finland through its Centres of Excellence Programme (2022-2029, LIBER) under project no. 346111 (M.S.) and Novo Nordisk Foundation under project no. NNF22OC0074060 (M.S.). We are grateful for the support by FinnCERES Materials Bioeconomy Ecosystem. Computational resources by CSC IT Centre for Finland, RAMI -- RawMatters Finland Infrastructure, and Aalto Science-IT project are also gratefully acknowledged.
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  • CC-BY-4.0

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